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Because every fraction of a second counts 

Statements and Certificates

Quality is nowadays more than ever also sustainability. Our products are manufactured at our plants in Luedenscheid, Germany. By using latest technology and manufacturing processes we guarantee a continous optimization of environmental compatibility and are therefore proud of being able to say:

You will receive the optimal technical solution for your requirements considering economical and ecological aspects!

Our statements:

What is time?

calendar clock

Our entire day is organised by time - dial and hands of a clock are helping us to arrange everyday's life and to provide stability when planning future steps.

Time enables us to put events and experiences in a logical order because time is uni-directional for our perception. We are not able to stop or reverse time - it is streaming from the past to the future and is distinguishing cause and effect.

As the leading European manufacturer of time synchronization solutions hopf Elektronik GmbH has summarized the process from occurence to distribution of time in the whitepaper "What is time" below.

Get more information about

by downloading the hopf whitepaper "What is time".

RoHS / WEEE Guidelines

Fulfilment of the RoHS / WEEE Directive

According to German Electrical- and Electronic Equipment Act - ElektroG of 16th March 2005

WEEE - Directive 2002/96/EG on used electrical and electronic appliances

The products of the company hopf are registered with the Stiftung Elektro-Altgeräte Register (EAR) on the German market since 24th November 2005 as follows:

hopf Registration No.: WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 25152653
Brand: hopf
Type of Equipment/ Category: 9- Monitoring and control instruments for commercial usage only

The company hopf is entitled and registered as commercial producer only.

RoHS - Directive 2002/95/EG on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment

All products of the company hopf comply with the stipulated requirements of the Directive on forbidden materials.


hopf products are subject to exemptions according to the stipulated requirements on forbidden materials according to RoHS and the national laws (see §5 ElektroG). However, based on the request of different customers referring to the fulfilment of the Directive on forbidden materials not containing lead, the company hopf uses, only with a few exemptions, components free from lead. Components containing lead are only there in use wherefore lead-free substitutes do not exist on the market yet. As soon as those components are available in lead-free execution, the company hopf will currently use those also.

For appliances / systems which are liable to the Directive on forbidden materials, the maximum allowable portion of lead is 0.1 percent by weight. This corresponds to 1g lead per 1kg appliance. Already on today's estimate, hopf products should exceed this critical value, if any, marginally.

Considering hopf products in customer systems which are subject on forbidden materials as a whole and must therefore be lead-free, and relating to the complete system on average, the limit value of 1g lead per 1kg appliance should be certainly observed.

Made in Germany

made in germany

hopf Elektronik GmbH maintains a complete process flow, starting from development further to product design up to direct selling of our high-quality-products.

Development processes, manufacturing and quality assurance for the whole product range are established in Germany in accordance with the relevant regulations and standards.

We are proud to say:
All our solutions meet the internationally accepted quality mark 'MADE IN GERMANY'!

Our statement regarding Conflict Minerals

Dear customers of hopf Elektronik GmbH,

here you will find our statement regarding Conflict Minerals for download.

Please understand that we will not fill out individual questionnaires due to the large number of requests. We hope to provide you with all the necessary information with this declaration.

Thank you very much!

Our statement regarding Radioactive Substances

Dear customers of hopf Elektronik GmbH,

here you will find our statement regarding radioactive substances for download.

We hope to provide you with all the necessary information with this declaration.

Thank you very much!